“Stacey Jane Messerly-Newton reviewed La Bella Vita Health and Wellness — 5 star


June 1


I truely have enjoyed each visit here..! Great professiomal…down to earth employees!”


“Jane Berg reviewed La Bella Vita Health and Wellness.


January 28, 2012


The staff at the Westminster office are incredibly nice, professional and a delight to see everytime I come by. Feel very energized since starting the program there.”


“Tami W reviewed La Bella Vita Health and Wellness.


Jan 26


Thank you La Bella Vita. Every January I have had a goal to lose weight and spend the entire year losing 10lb only to gain it back again during the holidays. In January 2010 that all changed I found La Bella Vita in Westminster. My doctor took me off Cholesterol Medication and lowered my High Blood Pressure by 1/2. I then was introduce to BHRT (Biodentical Hormone Replacement Therapy) the weight is still off and I have never felt better. Thanks you La Bella Vita.”


“Lori S reviewed La Bella Vita Health and Wellness.


LOVE La Bella Vita! The nicest sweetest staff that greets everyone with warmth and smiles. There are wonderful programs offered from nutrition to hormone replacement therapy. You cannot go wrong putting your life in their hands!! I have been receiving the B12 shots for an extra boost of energy and the missing vitamins my body needs. Thanks ladies!”


“Dan W reviewed La Bella Vita Health and Wellness.


Been taking the hormones for almost 60 days now. Can’t believe the difference in energy. I am able to stay awake when I sit down to watch a movie now. I get things done in the evening instead of just feeling exhausted. I am a fan!!!”


“Amelia reviewed La Bella Vita Health and Wellness.


I am all around impressed with La Bella Vita Health and Wellness! The office is beautiful and welcoming, the staff is knowledgeable and warm. I am never rushed and all my questions are answered. I 100% believe in the program as I have lost 22lbs. in 25 days on it and still counting. Highly recommended!”


“Guy reviewed La Bella Vita Health and Wellness.


I went to La Bella Vita Health and Wellness for both weightloss and Bio-identical Hormone Replacement. I was impressed by their knowledge and understanding. I felt like I really mattered. Both the Doctory and the office staff are wonderful. I recommend them to everyone! I am feeling GREAT!”


“Myn reviewed La Bella Vita Health and Wellness.


Sep 8


I cannot say enough good things about La Bella Vita! They have made me feel human again! For years I have not felt well and have put on pound after pound. After going to doctor after doctor I finally met one that listened and even though she has helped me when I have a “bug” I was put on medication after medication for various health problems including, high cholesterol, asthma, and fibromyalgia. Unfortunately the medications caused other medical conditions such as high blood pressure. I met with Nedra and Renee and after they read the questionnaire I completed they knew right away I had a need for Bio-identical Hormones (BHRT). I had lab work done and my Dr.’s office,of course, said everything was normal with the exception of one hormone.”


”I purchased a package on groupon for the B12 shots. I tried a package about 4 yrs ago in vegas and didn’t pay attention to if it helped me or not because I was going through a horrible divorce. It’s come a long ways since and I’ve been researching about this for awhile. I hate taking pills and even liquid form vitamins, though I still do. I know for a fact that with shot and IV, your body absorbs a higher percentage as well as works faster when you do vitamins in this form. This time I’m going to keep a journal and from all the scientific research I’ve read about I figure why not try it since It was a good deal. If I like it then I can continue. ”


”When I called to let them know I had a groupon deal the receptionist was really friendly and scheduled me a same day appt. It was as if I was scheduling a normal appt, and didn’t treat me any different from having a coupon deal. I kinda got lost and called because I was running late, but she was really nice and told me the exact location. When I arrived she was very smiling and welcoming and I gave her my voucher. When I went into the back room after filling out consent forms she asked if I had any quetion and what my concerns were about. She answered my kinda silly questions very informative. I also inquired on what a “slim shot” was and she explained. I assumed it was for overweight people, but she gave me a sheet list of what’ in the shot and read through them. I’m pretty knowledgeable in my vitamins and what does what. I was very interested in trying those shots instead.. It’s a step up from the B12 with more vitamins/minerals in them. The add on price was really good so I decided to try this upgraded version with more health benefits. The shot was the same, which is in your butt cheek and I inquired why there as oppose to other areas. It made logical sense what she told me and pretty much confirmed what I had already knew. Needless to say I am Very excited I found this place because it’s fast and pretty easy to get too, though I’m always getting lost in the most simplest places..lol Oh also the Slim shots last longer.. B12 lasts about 4 days and Slim shot last about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks. I’m pretty sure I’ll be going here on a consistent basis and getting these shots on a regular basis. I love Vitamin IV therapy I’ve done in the past and get Immediate Results, I figure this is an added bonus to that. The prices are actually really Great and affordable, especially if you hate taking pills and/or the B12 sprays in your mouth under the tongue..Yuck, but I did it because I needed it. Not to mention you only absorb 1/2 nutrients from pills and 99% in shots… ”


”Great place and I’m a fan…After another 2 more shots I will right a follow up and then I can see if bump this up to 5 stars. Great service, Great personality and Great prices!”


”Lani P reviewed La Bella Vita Health and Wellness.


I read the review of the person saying they felt bad after their B12 shot they purchased as well off of groupon. I’m sorry to hear that things didn’t go well, but for me I fell Great! it’s been several hours and I’ve no side affect or bad felling at ALL. I’d say give it another go..”