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Have you tried multiple weight loss programs or diets and cannot lose or keep off undesired weight? The health experts at La Bella Vita can help you lose weight. We offer personalized care to every client, and our hands-on approach gives clients the strength and support system they need to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. Unlike other weight loss clinics that prescribe medication and send clients on their way, we take the time to get to know our clients. We want to know about their previous weight loss attempts, what their ideal weight is, and their goals on how to achieve said weight.

Our health experts teach every client how to transition into and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We are not focused on temporary results—we help clients reach weight loss goals. We also help them achieve optimal levels of health by teaching them how to live healthy lifestyles. To learn more about our medical weight loss clinic, please call 877-332-5715 to schedule a free consultation!

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It is next to impossible to help a person achieve optimal health without balancing their hormones. Every system in an individual’s body relies on a balanced hormonal system, and by utilizing hormone therapy, we can help clients achieve hormonal balance, as well as their highest level of health.

We offer hormone therapy for women who are lacking or overproducing estrogen, progesterone, thyroid hormones, DHEA, as well as for women who are suffering from adrenal fatigue.

For those who are experiencing high levels of fatigue, food cravings, low libido, and interrupted sleep patterns, they can participate in our purification program, which detoxifies the body. This includes a 21-day detoxification program, menus, recipes, all required supplements, and a consultation.

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Diets are not designed for every body type. Eating a meal that is right for a person’s metabolic type can improve their energy levels and boost their emotional well-being. Using our personalized metabolic typing program, we can help clients determine their unique metabolic type, and help them find the balance their body needs in order to stabilize the client at their ideal body weight. If you have been diagnosed with a thyroid imbalance, La Bella Vita can help you with your thyroid issues.

If an individual wishes to receive Vitamin B-12 injections, our health clinic offers said injections to clients starting at just $15. Vitamin B-12 can increase a person’s metabolism, which can also help with weight loss. With regular B-12 shots and a combination of other weight loss methods, people have reported losing weight at a much faster pace.

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If you wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle, balance your hormones, and lose unwanted weight, contact La Bella Vita today. We have helped countless people transition into a healthy lifestyle, and feel great about their bodies, lifestyles, and eating habits. Our health professionals design a custom weight loss and healthy lifestyle plan for every client who seeks our assistance. For personalized care and a hands-on approach to weight loss and healthy living, please do not hesitate to contact La Bella Vita.

We offer free consultations, so please call our office at (877) 332-5715 to schedule an appointment today!

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