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On the Scales

Phentermine for Energy & Decreased Appetite

Enhance Your Weight Loss Program

Phentermine promotes weight loss by stimulating the central nervous system; causing your appetite to decrease while giving you an energy boost. It is a fast way to lose a large amount of weight or those stubborn, last 10 pounds that just won’t come off. Phentermine is used by both men and women to achieve their weight loss goals. One can see anywhere from 10-15 pounds of weight loss per month.

Ideal For Patients Who:

  • Want to speed up weight loss

  • Are always hungry, reaching for snacks even when they are not hungry, or just craving sweets, salty snacks, etc.

  • Need an energy boost, which can always help when you are trying to add a healthy exercise routine

  • Tend to overeat or are eating the wrong foods

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